*Client to provide slide*
	Precision CNC machined slide w/ optional optic cut
	Single color Cerakote 
	Tuned recoil spring
	Optional Trijicon RMR cut cover plate

***NOTE: M&P K3 slide machining can only be done on the following models: 1.0 and 2.0 M&P 9, 9C 4”, 9L

**NOTE: If optic cut is performed on an M&P slide we must machine a new dovetail behind the optic in order to fit a Glock rear site. This setup runs flawlessly! We offer various options of co-witness height sight sets from Dawson Precision for your convenience, please inquire if you would like to add a set to your order.

You can add Cerakote design on our Cerakote page if desired!
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M&P K3 Slide Work (Smith & Wesson M&P Models)

Cerakote Colors
Optic cut

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