Make your pistol run at its flattest!

Flat pack can be run on the following pistol slides: All Glock, All M&P, CZ P10c, SIG compact and full size, and H&K VP9.

Flat Pack includes:

Red dot optic cut, top rear serrations, or no optic cut (-$50)
*Glock 43's can only accept Sheild RMSC optic cut (if optic cut desired)
Chamferred (angled) top edges
Top slide window
Barrel Porting
Cerakote in a variety of colors
Trijicon RMR Cut Cover Plate (+$29)
TiN (Gold) barrel coating (+$60)

*Client to send in slide and barrel only for this process.

You can add Cerakote design on our Cerakote page if desired!

Shipping Guidelines will be emailed to you as soon as your order is processed!


Optic cut or Top Serrations?
Cerakote Colors
Trijicon RMR Cut Cover Plate (+ $29)
TiN (Gold) Coat Barrel
Porting Type

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