Get your factory or aftermarket barrel ported!
Slide must have top window (if your slide does not have one you can add it using the drop down menu to the right, NOTE: Slide will be recoated in Graphite Black Cerakote)
Yes, we can port barrel to custom fit any top window whether we machined it or another company machined it. You must send your slide and barrel in for this service so that we can ensure propper placement of ports!

**NOTE: Porting your barrel while extremely effective in immensely lowering felt recoil will cause barrel wear and in some cases slide and front sight wear especially when added to slides that have been machined by companies other than ours. You can minimize this wear by shooting clean burning ammo and cleaning your firearm after each shooting session. It is not a process meant for “show piece” firearms unless you like showing off the fact that you’re a bad ass who runs their gun like a boss.


TiN (Gold) Coat Barrel
Add Top Window?
Slide Color (If top window cut selected)

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